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This is the website of david j kemper, musician, composer, producer, arranger, sound-designer and sometime-scribbler of singularly-elusive make-believe half-truths.  The site is currently undergoing its 60,000-mile virtual tune-up, so this page is all the television there is for right now, kids.  If you wanna hear some stuff go to my Soundcloud:

You could also make some popcorn and watch a few cool videos, which are stashed here:

Or you could stick to your diet and spend the $5 on the NEW B3R EP, which is here:

I can be reached at: 

However: If you are trying to get in touch with David Kemper, the famous drummer (Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, etc., etc.) or David Kemper, that very posh-looking Australian film producer dude, be advised I am not him/them. Do not send me headshots.  Do not send me invitations to play drums on the Hawkwind reunion CD you are recording in your laundry room.