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Any cool girl singers out there? I need you for a new project I’m producing. I’ve got lots of tunes, some with lyrics already written and others for which you will be asked to write the lyrics, so imagination and inventiveness are definitely required. (It can’t always be: “I love you so much, you are so sexy, let’s do it all night long, uh…did I mention that I love you?” It can sometimes be like that. But not always.)

A few other things you’ll be needing are: an appreciation for genre-bending, a devious proclivity for making waves and dishing controversy, a healthy dose of weirdness, a serious flair for fashion and a compelling stage presence that will make the audience forget about the cruddy day they’ve just lived through. Those last two items are crucial, as you will be the front person and picture-taking face of this new thing we are creating.

What about the sound? Right, that. It’s gonna be a scary monster, that’s for sure – kind of a rock-jazz-disco, dance-ambient-folk, metal-bossanova, caramelized concertina wire, know what I’m sayin’? Without a doubt, it’s gonna groove. People will be shaking their asses and making babies in our wake. Some might also scratch their heads and go: “What the bloody hell are they on about?” There will be lots of LEFT TURNS, and then more LEFT TURNS on top of those. We will certainly get lost, but it will never be dull. I promise.

Much of the music is already tracked, so all we have to do is lay down vocals, mix it, maybe shoot a video or two, put the damned thing out there and, BAM!, we’re on our way. Check out the noises on this website and if you’d like to discuss the possibilities for future noisemaking send me an email, text or call.

Below are several “sampler” mp3s featuring bits and pieces of some of the songs we may be working on. There is no singing, yet, of course. That’s what I need you for. Thanks for listening.